Winter Storage

Haven Harbour Marina Resorts offers more than 10 ABYC trained travelift and hydraulic trailer operators with over 30 years of combined experience. All vessels are handled and blocked to the highest of ABYC standards and subject to complimentary vessel inspection and recommendations from ABYC service technicians in order to maintain a vessel’s optimal condition. State-of-the-art boat handling equipment and constant, 24/7 monitoring of all vessels stored at Haven Harbour Marina Resorts ensures your vessel’s safekeeping. Both dry and wet (ice-free on spacious docks) storage is available at two locations for vessels up to 70 feet in length and 110,000 pounds. On-site fuel and pump-out capabilities allow for proper winter fueling standards. Our fully stocked marine store is sure to meet your mechanical and winterizing needs. Other services include monthly on-board battery charging and inspection, full-time and year-round service staff, full rigging department for sail maintenance and in-house professional shrink wrapping and custom canvas covering capabilities. Discounts available for year-round customers.

Choosing a marina or boatyard that provides all of the items mentioned will reduce your anxiety and improve your overall boating experience. Haven Harbour Marina and Haven Harbour South provide both the facilities and trained staff to take care of your vessel during winter storage and prepare it for the upcoming boating season.


  • Facility must have ABYC trained lift and hydraulic trailer operators for the safe handling of your vessel.
  • Lift crew must have proper training in blocking vessels to ABYC standards.
  • Boat handling equipment must be maintained properly, inspected frequently and in top-notch condition.
  • Boatyard must have full-time, year round staff to monitor vessels daily.


  • Should you chose wet storage, your facility should have spacious floating docks to accommodate larger than normal tide variances.
  • Facility must have a sufficient amount of de-icing equipment skillfully placed to prevent dangerous ice from forming around your vessel and causing damage.
  • Facility must also have a full-time, year round staff to closely monitor wet stored vessels multiple times per day


  • All perishables and/or items that will freeze and burst must be removed.
  • Cushions and soft goods should be placed in a position to allow airflow, or should be removed from vessel and stored in a dry environment. Winter provides a good opportunity to have cushions professionally cleaned.
  • Moisture absorbing pots and products, such as tea tree oil should be placed throughout the cabin to kill mold spores.


  • Today’s gasoline containing at least 10% ethanol has changed how we long term store this fuel. Based on the properties of gasoline containing ethanol, we suggest leaving the tanks as empty as possible, treating with stabilizer, topping off tanks with fresh gasoline in the spring and changing fuel filters at spring commissioning.
  • Diesel fuel tanks get topped off, at winterization, to prevent condensation from forming in the tanks.


  • The winter storage season also provides a great opportunity to have any upgrades or Improvements performed on your vessel. Examples range from topside painting, rigging, electronics, engine repowers (or major service) and more.


  • Removal of batteries from your vessel and storage in our battery charging facility.
  • Monthly on-board battery charging/checks, by our technicians, recording voltages and checking the condition of the batteries.
  • Batteries that have reached their useful life expectancy can be disposed of at lay up and new batteries installed at Spring Commissioning.


  • Facility must have a fully stocked marine store for all mechanical and winterizing needs, whether you are performing this work yourself or having your vessel professionally winterized.


  • Boatyard must have a large, highly trained workforce to enable completion of winterization in a limited amount of time.


  • We recommend professionally shrink wrapping your vessel, with proper ventilation, or a custom fabricated cover.


  • Winter storage provides an excellent opportunity to have your vessel’s running gear and underwater fittings professionally inspected and repairs performed.