Hurricane Preparedness Levels


Basic procedures to address moderate level wind and high water conditions  It involves mostly marina prep work such as:

  • Securing loose items/materials that may become dislodged or airborne during moderate wind conditions. 
  • Removal/Relocation of items/materials/equipment above anticipated flood levels.
  • Preliminary dock line check and doubling lines as requested.
  • Emergency equipment is checked and fueled.
  • Additional hurricane procedures reviewed and staff prepped for duties related to ongoing storm prep


At this point the storm has been identified as a severe threat to our area.  This is a call to action level and involves the following:

  • Storm prep procedures and safety procedures detailed again with staff.
  • Activation of Hurricane Haul Out List; crews begin hauling & blocking those boats on the list.
  • Additional removal and securing of marina equipment to locations safe from flooding.
  • Securing of any last minute equipment, docks, amenities, etc. and additional dock check before onset of storm.
  • Schedule of 24 hour storm coverage at both marina locations and inn.


During storm coverage and includes maintenance of all vessels, docks & equipment.

  • Crews work round the clock monitoring all locations and vessels (on land & in water) during the duration of the storm and intervene as necessary to protect life and property where able.